Custom paintings


I happily provide free customization on existing items. Any mug, plate, cup or bottle in my shop can be customized by having your message written on the inner rim. So if you want me to personalize any of the items I already sell, just buy that particular listing and message me with the words you’d like written on it.


If you’d like me to create a brand new portrait for you, please contact me at or on my facebook page.

Custom portraits, based on your photos, take much more time and resources so they cost a bit more.
*You don’t get charged more or less regarding the number of subjects*
Please provide at least one photo with no facial expressions (ie no smiling, no frowning etc), it’s necessary for me to create a good custom portrait for you ♥

Message me your ideas and try to be as precise as possible- I will gladly help you figure out exactly what you’d like, but please note that if I have to redo an item due to buyer’s responsibility or change of heart, there’s a 20€ restocking fee.


Coffee mug: diameter 8 cm/3,14 inches, height 10 cm/4 inches, capacity 350 ml.

Espresso cup: diameter 6 cm, height 5,5 cm

Cup with handle: 10 cm, diameter 5 cm, capacity 150 ml (5 oz)

Wine glass: glasses hold 200ml. Height 10 cm, diameter 5 cm

8,5 oz/250 ml bottle: height 17 cm

42 oz/ 1,25 litre bottle: height 27 cm

Plate: diameter 23 cm.

Small platter: length 25 cm, width 9,5 cm

Large platter: : length 33 cm, width 12,5 cm.

Xl cup: diameter 14 cm, height 9,5 cm, capacity 1150 ml.

Small bowl: diameter 9 cm, height 7 cm.

Salad bowl: diameter 18 cm, height 7,5 cm.

Jug: height 22 cm